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1 Dec 2008 - Open source project using Zephyr BT HRM and BT HxM goes live.  

26 Nov 2008 - The SDK for Zephyr's BT HxM product is now available. pdf...

21 Nov 2008 - Zephyr™ Technology Ltd and ADInstruments Pty Ltd Forge Alliance. Global Leaders in Remote Wireless Monitoring, and Life Sciences & Education Research Sign Supply Agreement. More... 

Welcome to Zephyr™, global market leaders in physiological and biomechanical monitoring technology and solutions for real world environments.

Zephyr™ supplies its patented fabric sensors and complete monitoring solutions for applications including Research, Sports, Defense, First Responder and Healthcare.

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In these applications, Zephyr™ transmits physiological and biomechanical information across internal or external (VHF) wireless radio solutions. This information is displayed via Zephyr's real-time viewing software that allows more effective monitoring of human assets. The visibility provided assists in situations requiring Command & Control, Duty of Care, safety and performance optimisation.  

Patented breathing rate and heart rate Smart Fabric sensors are designed into garments or sold as a fabric strap. Zephyr™'s electronic products attach to these sensors and include models for full featured physiological status and fitness monitoring (BioHarness™), and high volume consumer applications (HRM and HxM with speed & distance).

In combination with Zephyr™'s BioSense™ algorithms and BioGauge™ software, these products enable Zephyr™ to sell complete physiological status monitoring solutions with built in alarms, fatigue and fitness assessment, and real time assessment of athletes, personnel or patients.

These products provide solutions for in-field physiological monitoring in extreme movement environments. Zephyr™ solves the problems associated with monitoring high activity exercise, integration of physiological monitoring technology into garments, and communicating physiological data to the web and devices such as mobile phones.

Zephyr™ welcomes the opportunity to work with development partners and channel partners to bring together larger system solutions. SDK kits are available to integrate into mobile, software and web solutions. Please contact us if you require more information.

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